Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cheddar and Apple Omelette: O-me-lette You Finish.

I stole the omelette you finish thing from Drunk in the Kitchen, which is a pretty damn hilarious series of videos by this woman who cooks things like grilled cheese while getting drunk (she forgets the cheese). Here's the link to the omelette video – watch it, it'll make you laugh. But only if you have a good sense of humour. Favourite quote:  "Some people like to have only egg whites in their omelettes, and that's a good way to make your omelette shitty". Here's the link:

Okay, on to the omelette that I actually made. It wasn't that pretty. But it was delicious. Going out for brunch is kind of nice (minus the line-ups, and the having to pay for it), but I feel like one of the best parts of the week is Saturday or Sunday morning (slash early afternoon, who am I kidding). You get the paper, you make some tea, you have some delicious toast with ricotta cheese, and you make this omelette. Apple and cheddar might sound strange, but it's such a dynamite combo. I first saw these two hot ingredients in an omelette on an excellent website a few years ago called Everybody Likes Sandwiches, They also used to have a sandwich at Common Ground, this student-run cafe at Queen's, with ham, apple, and cheddar, and it was kind of a big deal at the time. So you could also add ham to this omelette, if that blows your skirt.

Ooooh, ingredients shot.
I wish I could tell you that I have some sort of no-fail method for omelettes. I don't. Case in point? I kind of mucked mine up this morning. You'll see it in the shot below. Frankly, it wasn't my best. And I wasn't going to put it on the blog because I thought it didn't look that nice. Then I thought to myself:  isn't the whole point of this to try and help people be less intimidated about cooking? And not to have to strive for perfection? Isn't the message meant to be, for home cooks across the land, that they too can make a shitty-looking omelette and it's okay? I looked at myself in the mirror, hard, and said:  'you put that omelette recipe up, Carly Dunster'.*

Apple and Cheddar Omelette

2 eggs, beaten (if you can, bring your eggs to room temperature before you introduce them to the heat; I also usually add either a wee splash of milk or water to the eggs before beating)
1 green onion, sliced and added to the beaten eggs before going into the pan
salt and pepper, added to the beaten eggs, again before pan entry
1/2 an apple, cut into matchsticks (don't worry about peeling)
as much cheese as you would like in your omelette (I think it's judgmental to enter a precise amount)
1 tsp butter for frying (or olive oil - but really, butter is tastier)
2 tbsp of fresh parsley (or chives, or thyme would be nice)

You ain't a beauty but hey, you're all right.
Actually, you are delicious.

Beat up your eggs, incorporating a bit of milk or water, the sliced green onion, and your salt and pepper. Make sure you beat them well – the fluffier the better. Get your non-stick frying pan nice and hot – not max heat, but medium-high at least. Once it's hot, add your butter or olive oil, and as soon as it's melted, pour in the beaten eggs. The pan should have been hot enough that you hear a pretty significant sizzle when your eggs hit the pan. Using a spatula, lift up the edges of the omelette, which should already be cooking and keeping together, and let the uncooked middle seep under them to the edges. Do that all around the pan until there is no more liquid running in the middle of the pan. It will still look moist though, and it should. Turn your heat down, to medium-low. Place your cheese and apples onto one side of the omelette. Shimmy your spatula under the side without the filling, and flip it over. Just go for it. You may screw it up. Big whoop. Onward and upward. Keep the folded omelette on low-ish heat, to ensure that the apples get a little bit of heat and all of the cheese melts. Remove from heat when those two things have happened.  

Serve this with a lovely Saturday morning/late Saturday afternoon. It's also a great quick dinner idea. Makes enough for one serving.

*I didn't really look at myself in the mirror, hard. Can you imagine if I did? That would be an embarrassing overreaction. But I did think twice about posting, so...  

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